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I had a long time customer from "Over the Pond" named Scarsella Brothers Heavy Construction. Through some cross communication his engine was not completed as promised. It was a 12V71 twin turbo Detroit Diesel out of a scraper. They were doing a major I-5 project on a tight time frame. Long story short, the foreman told him the engine was just coming off the dyno hot and was headed to the paint booth. Old man Scarsella (5' 2") looked up at him in the eye with his stubby cigar in the corner of his mouth, brown oil stained Kaki pants and shirt with Romeo slippers and his heavy eastern Europe accent and say's "Paint no pusha da plow! You put da sonofabitcha inda backa da truck so I can maka some damn money!!!
I never laughed so hard because that was the first time my foreman (Who stood 6' 10") had met Scarsella and I had been working in the field for him for years. He didn't know how to take someone so short yelling at him like that in the middle of the shop. I knew if Scarsella was not yelling he wasn't happy.
Every time I see pretty shiny vehicles I just can't help but remember "Old man Scarsella".
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