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How will being at peak torque impact MPG?
How does being at peak torque impact being able to accelerate or demand power to get around someone?

I was told (by the guy that wrote the article referenced earlier) that peak torque = best mpg.

A modern computer controlled engine could get away with gearing for cruising speed at 1250-1300 rpm because the computer could make adjustments to allow the engine to accelerate in case of passing or a hill.

For an older "mechanical" engine he recommended 200 over peak torque, because he said although you'd get your best mpg at peak torque, you wouldn't be able to "get on top of it" if you needed to pass or hit a slight hill.

I told him I wanted the auto for my wife to drive the rig. He told me that his most important piece of advice, far outweighing anything he could tell me about gearing or hp was to put a Safe-T-Plus stabilizer in it. I don't remember the details but there was some story about a bad crash with the wife driving someone's rig.

Safe-T-Plus info:

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