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Thanks for all the info its very helpful !! Yes this is my first motorhome. I have a few friends with them but I have never owned a camper or motorhome. I actually don't even know what the different color tanks are for haha im guessing the black is to hold waste, grey to hold all other water ie: shower and sinks?? And obviously fresh water is what I fill up before we go !

The tire system does sound great... where is the best place to buy one ?

The previous owner made the same comment about how his front end was rough over 75 mph so he had something installed and said it is way better .. maybe the same thing you are referring to.

Is it possible to run the ac while driving ? Also how often do you charge batteries ? After every trip ?

Are there any must haves that I should put in the motorhome ?

We are taking our first trip this weekend to Nashville !

I will be using this for camping and towing our boat ( only 7500 pounds) So I don't think it will be struggling that much haha we originally were looking at a class a diesel but after a lot of research we decided the trucks were a better bet for safety, longevity, repairs, and some other stuff.

I just have to figure out how to fill this thing up and make right turns I should be good haha thanks for all the advice !
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