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I have been trying to finish off the cab before the weather changes. I have all the windows in with new weather-stripping. I started on the floor. I am using rubber coin flooring made for trailer and garage floors. The picture on the garage floor with yellow tape shows how I marked the rubber to cut it to fit around the steering shaft, brake, clutch and throttle pedals. The Peterbilt floor has a front and back section with stainless trim that covers the joint. My sister Sue came out and helped mount the brake valve (all of the air line still attached) to the underside. Once everything was in place the flooring should not be able to move. It worked pretty good but was a lot of work. While Sue was on hand we mounted the grill and grill bars. The picture of the mirror shows the new rubber seal for the hood and the vissor. After taking the old mirrors and brackets apart to polish I decided to replace both mirrors because the wires to the heated and motor mirror (passenger side) had been cut, spliced and taped.
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