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Originally Posted by 40's rock View Post
Second on Racing Junk...that's where I found mine for about 2/3 of your budget.
Having been through the experience of building up my Landcruisers, buying something close to what you want is WAAAAY more cost effective than building from scratch. Those $5 - $10 parts will add up quick, not to mention the $500 - $1000 unforeseen issues.
Agreed.. But when you cant find what you really want, its tough compromising.

Some Uhaul box vans have a low floor with smaller wheels. The frames have a hump for the rear axle which could be recessed into my 4" floor construction.

My box is 8' 6" tall, and wide..

Its funny.. Some days I dont even consider crazy ideas like this one. But then other days it starts to sound like a feasible option when I start thinking about the cummins powered 4x4 van I really want.
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