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Next Friday we are off on our trip to visit some of the Conversion factories. Michelle and I are combining this with a vacation/road trip, so we are going to be hitting as many states as we can (We geocache so trying to get at least one cache in as many states as possible) and we just love to road trip.

I have listed our general route below, and If anyone has suggestions or recommendations of conversion dealers or the like that might be close to our route and worth visiting, please let us know. (surprisingly the couple of dealers I have tried to contact off of racing junk do not seem interested in selling anything judging from the lack of response) Also if anyone is along our route and has a conversion they would like to show off, we would love to meet you. I have years of experience with big rigs, but Michelle does not have any, so even though she is all for stepping up to a conversion from our class C, it is hard for her to comprehend the differences. I think seeing as many different rigs as we can will help her (and me) narrow down what we really want.

We will be flying into Chicago early Friday morning (18th), and then working our way east to Ohio to visit the shop from American Pickers, and the Iowa 80 chrome shop/truck stop. Then south to Saint Louis for a Paddle wheel dinner cruise and to go up the arch. From there we will be heading further south visiting Hawk Engineering in Missouri, and probably down to the Memphis Tn area.

From there working our way north east toward Indianapolis an up to Visit Lake Erie. The last couple of days will be spent in the Elkhart area where we have arrangements to visit Showhauler, Renegade and Haulmark. Based on input from Gordy, we are hoping to visit NRC also. Will also trying to visit some of the Surplus RV stores in case we decide to build our own, or finish a completed shell. Finally on Sat the 26th we will board Amtrak from Chicago back to Everett, WA.

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