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First off, are you looking at an rv type oven? or just rigging up a regular residential unit? If you are using something designed to be a built-in unit, it should already be properly insulated for that type of installation, but of course check the instructions for your specific unit to make sure they don't require some sort of metallic heat shield. Shouldn't, but you never know. If so a piece of .030 aluminum should do the trick, a heat shield for a gas appliance like that is designed to be a reflector of heat, not as insulation. I have seen guys use a residential stove in a conversion, but just keep in mind that they are really not designed for mobile use in that the doors don't have latches and the grates and oven racks bounce and move around. On the gas end, either one is the same in that respect, just make sure you only use single flared soft copper tubing for an RV application and not the flex connector you would normally see in a home installation. Those things tend to crack from too much vibration and movement.
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