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Dave, I accept and believe everything you have said about propane safety. Now I have to decide what to do about it as my options are limited. I can certainly add another floor vent right in the middle of the 4 propane tanks. The rest I will have to ponder....

I do have at least a little good news about the heat from the generator in the enclosed space with the tanks. There really isn't any. Oh, it might go up a degree or two. I suppose I would have to make careful measurements to prove the point, but for the most part it is obvious. You may have noticed the gasket that seals the back of the generator forcing all the exhaust gasses out of the enclosed box. That's not just the exhaust from the motor but also the exhaust from the air cooling of the motor. The entry for replacement air is sufficiently far away and lower than the exhaust outlet so it draws nothing but fresh air into the box at a rapid pace. I would guess that the air in the box is entirely exchanged every 30 seconds or so. That should also help to keep the mix of propane and air out of the combustion range. (Not that I am arguing your earlier valid points.)
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