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Thanks for the response OLDphoneman and onezman. I understand what your doing OLDphoneman. But, for me, I'll going with the quasi sine wave inverter. phred's Poop Sheets (Escapees) comment that the pure sine wave inverters are really only necessary for some of the more touchy laser printers. All I need is something to help me get my Volvo retitled as a motor home. In Missouri, three of the four things I need are: (1) a cooking facility with onboard power source (small microwave); (2) a refrigerator; and a 110-120 volt power supply. I can get a 12 volt microwave for several hundred dollars; but it would make more sense to get a $50 microwave and a $80 refrigerator and sink the bigger bucks into an inverter to run both, and which meets the 3rd requirement for the onboard 110 volt power source. phred recommends four inverter brands: Trace, Heart Interface, PowerStar and STATPOWER. I don't have my wattage requirements figured out yet, but the recommended brands are all pretty "pricey". So I may end up with a Cobra, like onezman, or get lucky and find a used trade-up inverter at someplace like RV Solar Electric or Backwoods Solar. Buying a good inverter is about as confusing as buying a good truck. Glad I got my Volvo! Joe

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