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Hi Bill -- --

Good for you !! Not only on the find of your air leak -- but the learning and repair of the air dryer. The cartridge is rebuildable -- check your receipt to see if you were billed a core charge.

Also -- the parts kit for the valves -- is generic -- and there will be extra parts -- so care is needed during the dis-assembly -- to see whats needed and in what sequence for re-assembly.

This is one reason -- it is imperative -- during the Pre Trip at the start of the day -- to "purge" the Wet Tank. This is the 1st (front of tractor) of 3-air tanks. The way this is done -- open the battery access door -- and in the left corner is a steel lanyard connected to the dump valve of the 1st tank. Give it a couple of pulls -- air excapes -- and as water/oil is heaver than air -- this substance is "blown" out of the Wet Tank.

As the air compressor pumps air -- air is heated -- as it cools it condenses -- it's wet. Oil bypasses the pistons/rings of the compressor -- thats how oil is introduced.

The air then goes from the Wet Tank -- thru the air dryer to be cleaned/dried and stored in the remaining 2 - tanks. It's absolutely imperative that the air be clean and dry in the air system.

Tell you what -- You come to Parker in September -- and I'll tell you what happens if you "over cam" a brake -- And what would you do when you've ruptured the rubber diaphram in a Max-Can .........:^)

I to am learning -- as I've always been a Hired Shoe -- from 1970 .......... Over the years -- I've really driven some pieces of junk !!

By the way -- have you any more pictures to upload ?? ?? ??

Tootles ......

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