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I think the issue here is: can it be done consistantly-at a confortable level and at a reasonable price? I can heat anything with enough Btu's at a high cost....but when the coach furnace is running constantly at maximun output of say 30,000 you aren't heating economically-reasomably or probably evenly. I heat my home with 35,000 btu's and the furnace cycles on and off. Heat is one issue. A/C is the real issue that most face....It's electric-which is the most expensive source but, 100% efficient for heating but not cooling-stratification is another issue-solar gain/humidity is excessive in the south and west of USA....these issues have to be dealt with by radiant/thermal barrier/insulation of some type instead of massive ammount's of Btu's. I know of mold and mildew issues and air exchange isssues also that have been brought up by owners....example is the toxic fume issue....which bothers some to the extent of rash and breathing probs....geof
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