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if gordy-- mase-- 12,000 or is it really 12,600?-- ummm do you have one of showhaulers plans picked out--- you can move an awful lot of sruff around to ballence out your axles and tires mine is 12,600 frt. and is caring ab't 12,250 on frt. axle-- that put it close on load --- my does it ever drive good though-- if you put as much of the heavy stuff in the back --- gen--fresh water-- coach bat.s-- all of that kind of stuff on either frt. or rear of tandems it'll help--- oh 'nother thing if you put really heavy equipt. behind the tandems it tends to take weight of of the frt.-- cantalever effect- i don't have the bunk over my cab so that helps me-- i also only carry 110-115 gal. of fuel -- oh consider turning your black and grey tanks verticle between the frame rails and the drive shaft--- saves bay space and they can be just ahead of the frt. tandem--i also put my fresh water tank between the frame rails laying flat plumb at the back of the frame rails --- 120 gals og water makes a good counter weight-- gordy if you want call me at 706-636-4342-- ahhh one last thing ask the guys at showhauler what they think-- {this probably what i should have said first}--the do this for real - i just have ideas-- tke care -- mase
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