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Warpath...Showhauler-kibbi/Renegade are N/A as Conversions unites as Pace-Jayco-Innovator are N/A for trailers....Now I'm looking at Classic-worse comes to worse I'll go with USCargo and do a refit/rebuild/remanufacture......I can't stress the value of several factory tours...there is an all aluminum trailer made called Featherlite-that is top of the line and about twice as expensive as any other trailer. I saw one at a retailers but haven't talked to the factory....yet!...Have also noticed that if you show up at the factory they will bend the rules for a cash deal-[ask for sales manager]- and run it through a "friendly" dealer for you.....seems that CASH is still King in Elkhart Indiana.......Things are slow there currently and some are talking about a lot of unites sitting on dealer lots as well as their own....If you are shopping now is the time to head for Elkhart with some cash......geof....still on the trail of a somewhat custom trailer and a Volvo.....OY!
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