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[QUOTE]Originally posted by JoeHDVoyager:
I emailed Tennessee officials to get specific requirements to title & license a Volvo 610 as a motorhome. Their response: 55-1-104(2) A Motor home is defined as a motor vehicle which is designed, constructed (either originally by the manufacturer or rebuilt by another) and equipped as a dwelling place, living abode or sleeping place. Motor homes may be registered under a Automobile Private Passenger tag, regardless of the weight of the vehicle.

In my opinion Joe, Tenessee appears to be an easy State to register in. "equipped as a dwelling place, living abode, OR SLEEPING PLACE."

All 610 Volvos have a bed. A bed by definition is a "sleeping place." In fact, many truckers live full time in their truck. That makes it a
"living abode."

That response seemed a bit loose to me

The looser the response, the easier the registration. Forget about registering in MO, unless you are prepared to remodel the interior of the truck.

Well, I contacted a couple of folks in the Department of Safety in Tennessee trying to find out specific requirements (like Missouri has). Bottom line - The commercial vehicle enforcement sergeant I talked to told me that you can't title and license a truck as a motor home in Tennessee. He said a truck's a truck and that's it.

It really does not matter what any "official" says. What matters is what the regulations AS WRITTEN says.

AS WRITTEN, any truck with a bed meets the requirements. Period. You just need to be prepared to support your position which is in agreement with the law. Don't take "NO" for an answer. Officials cannnot make up law to suit themselves.

I have been told NO on two occassions in Oregon.
You can get it if you meet the requirements and
are willing to stand up to what ever they try to tell you.

I would not consider registering any truck as a farm truck. Then you have to get permits and stop at weigh stations when going beyond the radius allowed by farm plates.

I have sold Volvos that have been regisrered as motorhomes in Oregon, Washington, California,
Virginia, Wisconsin,(By mail believe it or not) one that was registered as a personal vehicle of sorts in Nevada. I also know sure 610s have been registered as motorhomes in S. Dakota, New York, and Michigan.... Where there's a will, theres a way.

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