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All questions I was asking a year ago but here's what I decided on: a Mini, 13' garage, 17' living room, beaver tail & attached ramp. You would have to drive a Mini to understand why buy a Mini. The garage needs a minimum 1' beyond the Mini's 11' 11" length. Mine weighs in at 2,905 Lbs. The same garage will easily hold all my windsurfing gear as well. My wife isn't sure she can stand having me that close all day so if needed for peace, I can also sleep in that little car. A slide out would make it roomier but we're both kind of skinny and I don't want to deal with their problems or additional cost. The beaver tail & ramp/door should be low enough so that the car can just pull in and therefore won't need a big league wench to raise the ramp when half the car is still sitting on it. Hadn't thought of using it as a porch... maybe thread on adjustable legs at the top corners of the ramp/door? Those were my decisions but so far, I've only got the Mini.
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