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Bill R
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My 2 cents:
Just started pulling my Alpha. Made two trips to the Colorado River From Riverside,Ca. This outfit goes down the the road like a dream. It's hard to believe how smooth the ride is. Believe it or not, the 610 hardly knows the trailer is there. When the commercial trucks pile up in the right two lanes, I move into the third lane and zoom by 'em. I have to work to hold it at 65 mph. This thing is like driving a fully restored antique auto. Everyone wants to talk to me about it.
The 10 speed is like butter. It floats great. I think it's a real advantage to "bend in the middle".
So far,I have replced the volvo bed with a "jackknife" couch/bed.

99 Volvo VNL64T/610 Motorhome
2001 Alpha Gold 39'10"
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