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Do you want a roll up door or a ramp door on the back of the conversion to drive the mini into the conversion, or would you attach a power winch to it and pull it in with a cable? The cable seems to be the safest way to get it inside. Bring it inside nice and slow. If you have only 6" of space between the front and rear bumpers and you're driving it inside, one small miss and boom, you could easily hit the forward wall. Would you need additional ramps or would the door be sufficient? Would you put windows and a translucent roof inside the garage?

If you have a 13' garage and 17' cabin area, what can you include inside of it? Have you drawn any floor plans or do you know of any websites that offer a click and drag program where you can design these floor plans using somebody else's website, like Showhauler, Haulmark...? Would you have a diner and couch on seperate sides forward, kitchen, then bathroom with a pass through door into the garage? Is 17' sufficient for this?

Is there a maximum length you want to stay under? I'm in CA so I would want to be under 40' so anyone can drive who has a standard drivers license.

Dave mentions 120"/10' and 112"/9'4 for the cockit section. So you figure you would have approx 28-30' of usable space if you used a day cab front rather than a sleeper version.

Dave, would you know the links to who builds platform type lift ramps or their costs?

Does anyone here have a garage unit with a small car inside?
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