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Hello Dan -- --

Thanks for the comments on the pictures I've posted on WebShots -- Just one Old Mans's approach ........ :^)

I understand your working conditions and braking habits. A horrible enviroment for safe braking -- As you've very well illustrated.

Much different on the open road. Also much different between a commercial trailer and an rv. No matter how the electric trailer brake controller is set -- The Tractor is large enough and heavy enough -- Not to be pushed by the 5th wheel. Yes -- It's pushed -- but .. Not uncontrolably.

The application air gage -- For a normal stop .... No. I don't use it (look at it). It's primary purpose is when decending a mountain grade. If one has selected an improper gear for decent (Higher) -- The driver will have to apply the service brakes more forceably. As there is no relationship between the pedel position or feel -- The only way to gage how much air is being supplied to the air cans is via the application air gage.

With my setup -- I really don't need the application air gage. I use just the Jake for decent -- No service brake application -- Until needed .. Such as a turn ahead. I'm not grossing 105 thousand anymore (Extended weight permit) -- Only 33.5K. It's a whole different world for me now.

I can certinally understand your concern for proper braking application -- Considering your work environment. Just practice good Defensive Driving. By doing so -- You will only be applying the brakes gently. By driving defensively -- You will have a safety cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you. If you find that you are still braking hard -- Simply increase your following distance.

I always recommend -- By what ever means one determins their following distance - Double it. Wet pavement/snow/ice -- I'm off the road. Don't need the aggravation any more ..... :^)

Don't be concerned about the brakes -- With a setup like mine. I use um gently -- And have plenty in reserve -- If needed. I'd be scared -- If I had a pickup !!

Sit back -- Relax -- And enjoy the scenery .......


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