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Gary....I'm usually not in the trailer that much. I 'm a camper/boater/hiker type and I try to go out for meals as much as possible-'cuz my cooking skills suck. I need electricity in the evenings and at nite and first thing in the AM....but most of the time nothing is on requiring juice. I do use a shore line whenever possible. Refrig/freezer only requires a few hours at the most. A/C and fan will cool almost immediatly and of course heat is instant. At the most HWH runs for a hour in the morning and evening. I have the potential to run evrything at one time and also power a house at 100 Amps continously....but I have never done it.....The generator uses > 2 gallons of fuel a day. Compared to my airboat[50 gallons a day] and/or bass boat[24+gallons] depending on usage. The trailer requirement is nothing. What I've done is use household appliances with the most efficient electrical rating for use on shore power and spent the money on a generator if I even need it....and energy efficient insulation products. So I use very little energy when and if I use any at all......geof
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