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....OUCH!-that will leave a mark!, I know that you've never said "your sorry" and meant it-so I skip over that one.....and I think it is "Purebred"IIRC....Ok, so I'll let that slip go too....and I don't have a VOLVO in that classification- mine is a '98-so I'll kick over that one too.....and Even If you e-mailed that notice to me personal-like....I couldn't have reposted that because I'm computer illliterate also.....and as you must have guessed that I can't make the spell check gizmo work most of the time on it's own and it will not do any of hte clean up work necessary to post a finished product/post.....Ok I forgive that mistake too.......But even thinking I'm from the Left Coast?.....the'ms fighting words!.....I'm republican-zip code 45227-area code 513-white-male and single currently at 61 years old....I wouldn't fit in on the left coast-I 'd be a minority.......andyour not forgiven for that cheap shot!....geofkaye-[and that I take personal!]
women-food-money-naps...not necessarly in that order
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