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Hi Joe -- --

The most demanding for your application -- is the microwave. You will probably select a micro with the wattage in the range of 600-700 watts.

I'd recommend at the minimum -- an inverter rated at 1000 watts. Mine works just fine -- powering the micro and fridge at the same time along with the laptop. When the micro is at "full" I'm drawing 80 amps of DC current -- thats with everything on. So you see -- I've still got a safety margin.

I just looked at Flying J on the web -- they have a Statpower Portawatz 1700 watt unit for $ 149.00 -- although they are out of them at the moment on the Web. If you live close to one of these Truck Stops -- check it out.

Here's another Web Link listing inverters and pricing --

I don't know anything about the above link -- just did a search -- and I can't remember where I bought mine on the Web -- Senior Moment !! !!

Hope this Helps .....

Tootles .....

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