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Not to Offend Anyone, I am an outsider looking in!

John, I am a new member with little time for games. I did take a few minutes to read the posting of the guys who were banded! Speeder was funny but over the top! He was out to poke fun at Warpath! In Warpaths shoes I could see why he would grow tired of a member posting his personal info on the site he pays to operate!

On the other hand when you watch a TV Commercials for Oreck Vacuums! Stanley Oreck tells you he owns the company. That is the point I got From Rv Truckin first few treads. I think RV Truckin felt Warpath was hiding the fact he owns and operates many Rv website without posting this fact!

I grow up in the south. My father family was white. My Mothers family is from Spain! When my mother and I would go out to eat without my Dad we would be turned away at many restaurants. My point I do not hate the owners of the businesses who banned customers for being different! I cannot agree with banning a person for expressing their option.

Again, Not to Offend Anyone, I am an outsider looking in!
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