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Hey Chris,

Very thorough report my friend. I'M glad your
registration problems are all behinkd you. Smooth salilng from now on. Once used to those hood mirrors, or at least one, they are really nice to have.

You must be shifting real well. You and your son both caught on to the shifting technique real quick to begin with. I must have been a really good instructor that day.

It sounds like you have everything under control. You got a lot accomplished in a short time. I like to use my four way flashers when backing up. Nothing like lots of lights blinking all at once!

I'M one of those guys who wants to see pictures too. I'M anxious to hear a report on your adventures in the mountains with Suzy Q in harness. We all of course expect a full report on how she handles those mountain pulls, and how her Jake works on those downgrades.

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