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Burt Chapman
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Ya' Got Me Scared !!!
I went down to my garage this morning and unpacked all my stuff, that I picked up last year in Elkhart, luckily nothing was broken and the only two big ticket items was a fridge and my generator, I have used the generator so I knew that worked but the fridge didn't start when I plugged it in... boy I was like Blizz was right doesn't work, but then I got the directions out and found it needed 12 volts to run, now it's my new beer fridge till I get farther !!!
But THANK YOU, on the awning, I was going to order an electric one, now I will be MUCH more cautious. I think that is what makes this sight AWESOME, the info you guys give us starters and the expierence you warn us to keep both eyes open!!!
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