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....try to use household appliances instead of RV stuff....try to buy at Lowe's or Home Depot....they have a warranty that says for use only in a house and not an RV.....but they really don't care or investigate all that returns are to Lowe's and they never bat an eye b/c I do about 60k$ a year at my local store....also it is often cheaper to just throw it in their dumpster and buy another....example: a microwave is 49$ why spend another 75$ getting it repaired....somethings have just gone into mass production and the price has dropped form 700$- that I payed for my Amanna ( sp?)in 1972- to less than 50$ today....why deal with the aggravation when on the road....a chest type freezer with a 3 hour timer is the best way to solve the refrigeration problem....stove cook tops are 175$ now gas or electric the orifice to change over to propane is 4.79$....and you have all head about the split a year or so they will be about the same price as a roof top unite....they work very well so far....wholesale is 862$ and next year will be cheaper specially in this economy.....geofkaye and the Rivercity Girlz
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