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Default guys with the resources are in the place where you can make an offer and if they turn it down-you can walk out the door and find 8 more just like it. "He with the gold makes the rules"-now more than ever! oBOMo has messed with the market place and it will take at least another year or so before it can come back where it was 2 years ago. SO get ball-zie and make the offers-be prepared to walk without looking back-low ball everyone and leave your phone number on a card with the salesfool....when he gets hungry enough he will call and then you can knock off another $5k for making you wait......don't worry about all the stories about his starving kids-sales fools have eaten out of garbage cans before-it's time that they do it again.....remember all the cars you bought all those years and all the "Trix " that were played on you? is the time to get even!....What comes around-NOW-goes around!....geofkaye
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