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....I'm working on the pix...but being photographically challenged isn't helping-so I got to send photographs to Bill so he can put them on the site....I also have a real DELL Computer now and I'm having to relearn everything...OY! truck is a '97 build '98 inservice date Volvo VNL 64T. I bought it wholesale through Freightliner and then negociated "trade terms" isssues so it has all new 4 batterys 6 brakes, 6 drums and hardware and a new clutch, new tires [6 out of 10 so far rest will be here this week] 10 refurbished steel rims and a Cummins 2 year 200,000 mile warranty. The top and bottom end has been gone over all new gaskets and seals no leaks, dynoed, aligned -front and rears-trade cleaned[joke] new air dryer and delivered to Cincinnati....the truck has an artic kit installed which is just extra insulation and a fuel heater/filter/hood insulation.....we have removed the whole interior and removed the obsolete open cell foam and replaced it with super R-Max and the reflectix bubble wrap plus spray can foam in all the nooks and crannies. The interior cloth parts were steamed cleaned and extracted along with the seat covers and the foam padding and reinstalled....I have to do the dash and floor mats this week plus the bed is being built as the steel arrives.....I have been buying filters and oil for this week also and Blackstone labs has sent me sample kits for the rears, engine and transmission when I get ready for the change over to Shell products....The truck cost me $21,000 delivered and after " trade terms" were negociated the final price with tax and paperwork was $28,900 out the door....This has taken more than a year to get the truck I wanted and the price I was willing to pay-anotherwords on my terms.....All and All FYDA Freightliner has been more than an excellent Truck Dealer and I have been assured that If anyone wants to deal with "Freightliner Frank Bauer"....that they will get the new or used truck that they want at the price that they want to pay..geof kaye near cincinnati
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