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Geof, Thanks for the note. At least it sounds like you are staying busy and still have a pretty high demand for your builds. It has slowed significantly and the new sales have fallen through the floor on new over the road trucks but the used has picked up and we have had quite a bit of activity on new RV chassis bids. Not sure if it is because of the sun coming out and people enjoying the weather but we'll take it anyhow.

Sounds like you have been in the business for a while and it's useful to get good honest (sometimes too honest) answers. Thanks.

If you ever need assistance with anything from the Volvo side whether it be for trucks, parts or service questions, I would be happy to help or put you in touch with someone who can.

Keep up the good work,

Big T.
Jeff Tackett

P.S. I might have to trade mine for the pole dancers (Just kiddin MOM)
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