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A Super 10 has 5 lever shifts and 5 button shifts. Actually the button is a little switch on the drivers side of the lever. Move it forward to upshift, and backward to downshift.

The switch is always done just PRIOR to lifting and allowing the shift to happen automatically. No cutch is needed for any lever shift, or any button shift.

When upshifting, depending on the engine you have, allow the RPM to drop 3 to 500 RPM till you feel it catch the next gear, then resume accelleration.

You must wait for the RPM to drop far enough to catch, or the transmission will be in neutral and the engine will rev with no power transferred.

Downshifting is just the reverse. Click the button backward, lift allowing torque to break, then gently increase RPM the same amount as it drops on downshifts. Then resume. Downshifting with the lever, follow the same proceedure. The button is moved on each lever shift up or down to get in the correct positon for the next button shift, unless you are skipping a gear.

If your engine drops 300 RPM between shifts, you can skip a gear by increasing or decreasing RPM by double the amount of a single shift.

I think youll like your super 10 once you get the feel of it. It's not a confusing as I made it sound.

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