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Default point is that also much are you going to need anyway....a slide generates another 12-14 sq.ft ;you are going to go through an amazing amount of problems....and some are going to be a regular issue to deal with....two things that I have learned,.....use a lubricant that will NOT attract dirt and dust or the screw jacks which will bind up when it is raining for want ever reason-and the other thing is take a battery powered electric drill with you and the charger to wind the thing in when it won't close all the way. Another suggestion....get a electric impact wrench and add it your list of tools.....the shock/vibration seems to help when it gets into a bind....the seals are called bulb seals and they are not worth a crap....see if you can change them to foam backed serpentine belt like seals that fit into each was the quickest fix of a slide that I have ever seen and it seems to be permeant.....geofkaye and the Rivercity group in Cincinshitty Ohio where the days are always gray and cold....
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