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The project looks like its in the "Home" stretch, man I wish you would have started off with a bigger truck, I see all this well thought out work you have put into this project, the planning, the expense, the labor. I truly hope that you will be happy in such a confided space.

I know from our build, that there are many things I'd change on the next one, but I wonder how I'd get even close to re-couping my cash costs or even a good percentage of them, if I was to sell. I think you may find yourself in the same spot, too much invested to sell and not content to keep it. I hope I'm wrong, you seem to plan things very well. Perhaps this is the exact choice of "home" you had in mind.

I wish you happiness and contentment in your soon to be completed new home and lifestyle.

2001 GMC 6500 Topkick, 22' box, dropped frame, designed to fit into a 9' garage door. 3126 CAT 6spd Man Lo-Pro 19.5's w/ 3.07 rear axle ratio
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