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..... I could fit you in at the end of 2010....if you ARE IN A HURRY....I'd contact Supreme for a box and have it dropped on your chassis.....Morgan will put together a unite cheaper but I'd make sure all the seams are sealed from the inside/spray sealer preferably ....there are a lot of used unites available on Racing and most dealers of MDT have inventory from 2008 still available!!!!....I got a 2000 GMC/CHEVE in 2001 with a bed installed at cost....if you wanted last years truck it can be had for 33% OFF MSRP NOW!...if you want a late model up to date and are willing to wait...... Also call Wayland at 2L Trucks and see what he has in stock....he had a bunch of later models IIRC....also look at COWBOY CADILLAC for some deals.....A local dealer might have a lead on what you want.....but be careful they are eating their own children to survive now....any of the box truck builders will build what you want with a down payment in hand....have a guy that knows specs to look over the order sheet for you case you forget something and have to do an "add on"....geofkaye
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