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.....1"x4" STEEL BARS[flats] MOUNTED ON THE FRAME RAILS OF THE MDT WITH 1"x4" LEGS FASTENED [use 3/4' HARDENED BOLTS -CLASS 8 -WITH LOCK WASHERS] TO THE FRAME AND WELDED TO THE TOP PIECE ON BOTH SIDES....THIS WILL GIVE YOU THE ROOM TO MOVE THE BOX AROUND ON THE POLY MOUNTS[RUBBER] AND SQUARE IT UP BEFORE DRILLING THROUGH THE 1x4 BAR.....TWO WILL HOLD IT AND 4 WILL BE OVERKILL BIG TIME....the reason i use this fastening method is that the box and frame are not always square in used equipment...quicker method would be like a 2.5 ton army truck with the bar mounted on the bed and not the frame.....but welding overhead has it's problems.......geofkaye and the Rivercity Girlz
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