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Blizz, Thanks for your kind words. You have a valid point, several actually. I have built a number of custom vehicles in my day. See the new added pictures under Keyword “Stealth”. (Apologies for hijacking my own thread…) I could never get my money back on any of these, which is probably why I still own all of them. I am amazed how some people can put blood and sweat into something for years and just sell it. That would be like selling my kids. Also, like my kids, no one wants to buy. My toys are a bit to specialized (strange) for general consumption. Ironically, once I move into the Stealth camper I will have no room for any of them, and they will all have to go (not the kid).

As for space, or the lack thereof, I too am concerned. My favorite room in the house is the garage. I don’t know what I will do without a garage and all my tools. I will have to store them somewhere, or sell them, and that’s like selling my kids again… Perhaps in time I can find a small industrial space to rent. Then I will have my mobile bedroom, den and kitchen, and my fixed garage. It will have to be cheap though…. Like a tin shack in the desert or something…

Bob, you crack me up ;-) And just for the record, I never did wrap myself in a towel and poop in the driveway. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….
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