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I have a 110vt refrig/microwave in the Volvo [>2cu ft.] and a 110vt chest freezer[5 cuft.]/microwave in the trailer which is stocked with Ice and frozen food...that is enough for me and a guest, and the dog of course. I don't stay out for longer than 2 weeks and I eat at resturants as much as possible 'cuz my cooking skills suck. The refrig takes 3.7 amps under load and the freezer takes 3.5 amps for about an hour once a day if you keep the lid closed. Microwave used 1200 wattts for a few seconds to heat something up the HWH takes 4000 wattts for an hour once a day and the foam lining keeps it warm all nite.It's a GE 220vt 20 gallon...I do have a portable propane grill with a standard
20 gallon tank for cooking outside IF I MUST....Freezer is more important than the refrig since I can heat anything in the microwave....Funny as it seems-I do have MRE's to eat they are fresh from the factory and NOT diet in any shape or form....I have been known to take along a GF that can cook.... but would rather go out to eat with me....any more questions don't hesitate to ask....geof -near Cincinnati
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