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Here's the deal, I need to tow a 9 ton 5er, and be able to haul six or seven adults while doing so. Basically, I want to build a small (8 or so ft)sleeper with overhead bunk, shower, kitchenette and dinette. Sounds easy enough, right? There are two catches 1) I am not independently wealthy. 2) I want to also use the hitch deck as a flat bed when not towing. I've been looking at 24' flatbeds with Cat motors as a platform to start with. I am a roofer for a living, so with the economy in the gutter I have to travel sometimes. I figure I could also use the truck to haul equipment to the site, and not have to shell out cash for a room. That's why it would only really have to sleep 2-4, a small crew. Seating for so many is more for my family on trips with the trailer. I am married with 3 kids, and both my mom and mother-in-law will travel some with us.(hopefully one at a time) Has a dual purpose working class toterhome been built? Thanks, looking forward to any ideas, already found a bunch in the months I've been looking here.
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