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Good top of the week to all of you,


I have not seen any of Idaho's Powerhouse Coach with d/s doors but granted, I have not seen all of them. His normal design is with a raised Passenger side entry door with exterior power fold up stairway that goes to the top of the frame rail. He likes it because it does not take up any floorspace for entry steps. I've not seen it on anyone else's but it works for his customers. I don't believe it would be my preference but does not seem to bother anyone who owns one. I kinda like the entry of Twins Coach that builds on the Freightliner Argosy with the side type entry and the queen bed cubby and the raised seated area above the entrance. Looks neat but have not seen one up close and would wonder about the headroom where the seated area is. Does anyone know if Twins Coach is still building with the Argosy model since I think that Freightliner quit building the Argosy for the North American Market?


I have not heard of any Powerhouse customers experiencing the delaminating problem but I can understand where that has happened in similar construction methods. I'm not sure if Doug builds them the exact way but I do know he frames the wall first with steel tubing and also frames any window or door openings and then fills the walls from the top edge. Reminds me of the construction process that is used by the Utility Trailer Corp in the refrigerated trailer market that I worked with for a few years. Powerhouse's structure seems to be extremely strong but I'm guessing that your coach building expertise far outways my elementary understanding of the build process. Thanks for the lesson

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