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Bob that is exactly what I do with my tractor trailer....everything is on wheels/casters and i pick what i want to use for the trip-move it in --Tye it down to the e-track and off I go....also the girlz can add their own stuff as needed [and not use mine]........I got 24 new beer boxes like the old kind for beer bottles and use then as they protect the contents-are cheap-painted then with enamel and the girls pack them with all their crapola.....I have a few small suitcases for toilet stuff and a make up case for the girlz -the rest is in plastic bags....looks like a bunch of hillbillies came to town-but we are comfortable-no matter what the weather and I really don;t care what others think anyway-I'm on vacation!....One of my girlz was/is a professional entertainer and I have learned about the way to pack and what to take and what not to....Arminda can do a month of carbret work and live out of a suitcase the size of a 2 drawer file cabinet with room to spare.....I originally thought I'd need a trailer just for her stuff..and her daughters toys[9 mo old]....they take up less space than anyone else does....who am I to complain?.....geofkaye and the Rivercity Girls......
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