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BravestDog 04-17-2006 03:32 PM

If anyone is interested in seeing some of the best sailboats in the water and hearing some free seminars on sailing and its components...the show is in Oakland, Wed-Sunday.

The interesting part on sailboats is that they try to utilize every square inch of the boat into usable space. Ideally nothing is wasted. Eating tables become beds like diners become beds in conversions...gimballed stoves, skylight hatches, solar units, watermakers...

I think one can learn alot about truck conversion design by looking at sailboat designs. You can get some good ideas by looking at sailboats and their interiors.

I just bought a 5 day pass for $36. Includes the free seminars and a party on friday and saturday night. Really a great deal. You can watch a slideshow re sailing around the world from the comfort of a seminar in an hour. Sure beats taking 4 years to do it.

I've been watching the sailboats arrive for the last few days. Lots of stainless steel, fiberglass, teak interiors, electronics and expensive parts...

Anyone else going?

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