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03-08-2004 11:20 PM

Since I didn't get any bites on my other post, I'll just have to start another! he,he

Geof was nice enough to mention his source of trailers and I have a few questions..

Since we're not quite in the same category as the normal(?) trailer buyer, I'm having some doubts as to the standard advise.

Is there a real advantage to going aluminum with the towing capacity that a class 8 has?

I realize that corrosion is a factor, but I don't want to be winter driving that much anyway. I'm looking a a custom 20" stacker with some interesting features and I don't know if I want to spend crazy prices for aluminum if it really won't matter anyway. It seems the huge price difference would buy a few extra of truck washes and a bunch of fuel.

Any thoughts?


Warpath 03-14-2004 05:01 PM

I am also in the market for a enclosed trailer, and am looking at a 20'as well (no stacker though)

I can go the inexpensive route ($4700) throw some polished aluminum rims on it and 2 SS stripes to match the rig. Or a highend unit which would probably double the price.

I wouldn't use it on all our trips, so it might get 5,000 miles a year, so I am thinking steel inexpensive is a good idea.

I am going to talk to a dealer down the street this week who has a few Haulmarks sitting on the lot.


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