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Tuckster 06-25-2008 01:22 AM

I would like to customize my existing sleeper on my semi. I have a Peterbilt 387 (condo) sleeper (75") and would like to add a sink etc. Any suggestions on where to look. I'd even entertain ideas on making it bigger ???

geofkaye 06-26-2008 02:54 PM

....a kitchen ware store/Wal-mart has a SS bowls that one can put a pop up/trap in and mount the sink in a drawer with a flexible drain hose to a tank or on the ground if gray water-if sewage, use a 5 gallon tank and empty it...once a week-use a vent to outside-dump a little bleach in it now and a road driver that uses his for a urinal at nite and it dumps on the ground or in a gallon jug and drops it in the morning[yeah rite!]....flushes it with water from the sink mounted 12 vdc water supply pump that is hooked to a 5 gallon tank in the sleeper compartment......extreme, maybe- but it works for him! There are many types of marine sinks available also but expensive....about $75.00 for the sink without water supply....pump from cold water tank to faucet set is $28.00 with plastic hose and sink handle set is $23.00......[my bowl sink from Wal-mart was $6.00] In my tractor I hadn't used it much and I have removed mine as I stop when I have to go.....I use a thermos jug at nite "if necessary." I don't ever drink water that is not bottled on the road-just because of Montezuma's Revenge once in Florida and a day in the hospital ER.... Hand washing is using the alcohol based hand cleaner and a splash of water-dry with a paper towel...then again I have a trailer to sleep in with bathroom shower and all the gizmo's of my house to make life why re-due the tractor more than necessary-I don't even need the hanging closet or the chest of drawers.....the toilet is a porta-potty that is also the safe for valuables.....I'd never use my the tractor for a bathroom-even in arctic weather or rain....geofkaye

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