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ABS may not be a biggy depending on the original set Volvo 670 that im converting only has ABS on the first rear axle and not the last so if swapped all one needs is to swap the sensor mounts and no reprograming needed.

Mine also only has one rear leveling valve for all the rear bags so again no problem going single.

One may even get away with not having to mess with the drive shaft as it could be the correct not sure here as i lengthen my truck by one axle position (so i added 10 feet of rail and mobed the axles back 54")but your putting the diff/yoke back in the same spot so you might get away with it possibly.

I thing for auto trans Volvo does the best at this point but some dont like the look of the Volvo. Mine is manual and the wife can drive a manual car so this is just a big
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