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Default Single short, mid, or long?

Originally Posted by 6cuda6 View Post
Wow!! I know i'd be doing the singling myself for that price as you could knock a zero off that price for sure. If you know what you want for a deck take a picture down to your local fabrication/welding shop and see what they would charge as you can do the paint/finish work which might drop the price in half or more.....73k to single and im in the wrong business.

Thank you! Thatís exactly what I said! Deck wise I didnít flinch too much as I know metal here has gone up 200% in the last 8 months so Iíd think that would spill over to stainless hinges/door latches for deck. Paint match etc! Plus a hitch I guessing is $3-4000 it could had up So $55000 is still at a premium IMO!
But I just started researching this side of hauling rvs.
Initially I saw a peterbuilt COE for sale at a auction go cheap and I started thinking after that would have been a cool rig if I dropped one axel and sling rear up. It had what looked like all the right holes already there to move axel up !
But after some thought , I like the automatic vs manual so the wife could drive it if needed. It seams the volvo is the most popular in this area.

Found this on a different thread! Some great info. Didnít think about ABS so will have to talk to Volvo dealer about that to see if they can reprogram and if they have done it before! Drive shaft shorting in Red Deer is easy, we are a big oilfield town so lots of choices in that area! Used to be lots of deck builders but that has dropped off since Trudeau decided that pot and solar power is better than oil!
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