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Default Single short, mid, or long?

So had a local dealer tell me that a mid single voile 630 can out maneuver my dodge mega cab 3500? At $18000CAD to single a truck I donít want to do it twice!

Not to brag as Iím sure thereís lots of great drivers here but I can stab my fifth wheel in a lot of places. I did where I park in Kelowna every year it usually the front end thatís the problem.

Does anyone have any experience with this scenario? Do you find your HDT better or worse than say a crew cab Dually or single rear wheel pickup truck.

Dealer said with hitch out back itís more like a bumper pull than a fifth wheel !

Iíd like to be able to haul my Willyís Jeep and dirt bike when not pulling fifth wheel. So still need some deck.

Also can I mount the hitch over the rear single diff?

Just thinking in my head if I made hitch movable rear for travel and slide up for tight backing up? But I guess probably only gunna gain 3feet at mostÖ Iíd guess?
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