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Default zep butyl

I just use zep butyl I ordered thru walmart for less than 14.00 6 to 1 mix, and it did a pretty good job getting the road grime off, but not all of it, I would do a second wash, but the wife broke her ankle last night so it will be a day or too before I get that second try. And I will give a report.


Originally Posted by porky69 View Post
As a part of my "obsession" (as my wife puts it) with having a shiny, eye catching, gleaming coach I would like to remove the oxidization from the "painted" surfaces. So my question is what is the construction of the Haulmarks "coach body"? Is it gel-coated fiberglass or is it painted fiberglass? Or is it painted aluminum?

I would like to figure out what it is so I can use the best process/chemicals for the problem. From what I have read on the net you can be more aggressive on gelcoat and get excellent results, where as using the same techniques on paint will damage it. And if you use the paint techniques, you can get the same results in the end but it will take way longer. With there being what looks/feels like a million square feet (more like a couple of hundred...) I want to be able to use my time most efficiently and effectively. I know the cab and hood are painted surfaces.

I am also NOT INTERESTED in the hack job results from using products like "Mop 'n glow" or "ZEP Floor Cleaner", in my eyes that is the kind of thing you would do to a unit that you are trying to make prettier in order to sell it quick, drawing you away from some other issues....
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