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if you don't see (aluminum) seams - its FRB (fiberglass resin board)...aka gel coat (usually).

How to Remove RV Gel Coat Oxidation - These 2 Simple Ways + Bonus Tip

a LIGHT cut or buffing will usually be more than enough.

I've experienced some oxidization on my basement storage doors (which are aluminum skinned) - for those i used a very light Meguiars #9 swirl remover - its always best to test an area FIRST w/ the lightest abrasive and then increase the abrasiveness if necessary.

I had more oxidization on my (fiberglass) hood (flat surfaces) and used the same #9 and a light (electrical) buffing - it looks fantastic and is very easy to keep up w/ now...

to keep things looking nice i use Wash Wax ALL (kit) when were on the road...

I have a local guy who polished my wheels (on site at our RV Storage)....

and now those are easier to keep up w/ too...

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