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Coming from a trucking background (and having thrown chains on many occasions) I would NOT want to chain up a motorcoach.

Not sure if your Renegade has bigger rear wheel openings, but my Haulmark does not have enough room between the outside edge of the outer tire and the wheel openings for proper chain clearance...and I would not want to catch a chain on the skirts. Remember that as the tires spin the tire chains will "grow" as speed increases. If you want to see how to install tire chains search YouTube. If it looks easy in the videos multiply the difficulty by 10 with tight fitting fenders (or skirts).

IF you are absolutely certain you want some type of traction adding device look at some:

AutoSock – The Alternative Traction Device

Way simpler to install, easier to store.

Or if you just want to keep the local cop off your case(meet the "must CARRY tire chains beyond this point requirement), just buy the cheapest chains you can find, keep the receipt and return them when you get home
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