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I had a right front tire blow out at around 70 mph in my MH. It did not create crazy pull or other actions, but I did have to hold the wheel and keep it straight, slowing down and over to the right side edge of the interstate. Fortunately there was an on-ramp and so I was able to get over farther off the traffic flow. Would not call it a fun experience, but it was also not something out of control or unmanageable. If a brake line or other major part was taken out it could be a lot worse. In my case i only lost some wiring for headlights and the flexible flap seal. It did make some scratches on the outer fender from the cords in the tire. Overall I got off without any major damage or repairs required.

Catastrophic failure of the tire, completely blew and shredded, by the time I stopped there was only two rings for the bead with some small sidewall. Rest of tire was all over the interstate, hahaha. Some small scratches on the outer circumference of the wheel, but more cosmetic than anything. I did not have to get a new wheel.

Back on the cruising speed, I could never do 55-60. I usually set cruise at 70-72 and live with the reduced mpg.
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