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Originally Posted by DeepVee View Post
Check the front end and tire specs along with the actual front axle weight before you buy anything. Some of these coaches are heavy on the front. Renegade started to change over their specs a few years ago from 12K to 18K. We run 315 steer tires up front and a lot of the newer coaches do the same.

Like some of the guys said, good buys are out there you just have to be patient and keep looking. We have a Detroit Series 60, 13-speed manual, twin screw. I've had a few friends have troubles with their automatics but it seems like it's always electrical related issues.
Not sure how I would identify the front heavy coachs as those specs are not typically listed and I would not know good from bad nor the appropriate questions to ask.

Is your 13spd manual totally manual or do you use the clutch at start up and then it is auto? I would not mind cranking a shifter as all my cars are manuals and I prefer manuals if given a choice. When I say I know almost nothing about the big trucks it is true. Whole new world to me but one I must learn because there is no turning back now.

Keep the comments coming. I am learning very quickly.
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