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Thanks guys. Just the type advice I was looking for and thanks for the pic.

I will not be pulling a gooseneck or 5th wheel and only need a hitch for my two different trailers so no problem with license. Fairly sure that I do not need more than 32 foot box room wise and would like a shorter total length for easier
maneuverability. I have been busted in Texas for being over total length with my MH/trailer so the shorter length toter will help in that regard as well.

So it looks as though you guys think that a twin screw might be overkill and added expense and maintenance for what I will be doing? I have always done the complete service and most of the repairs on my MH myself and have heard that these things are easier to work on. Any experience with that?

Any idea about the typical markup on used toters/Mtr Coaches? Looks like best site for shopping is RacingJunk?

Feel free to keep the advice coming. I love it!
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